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Real computer help, from real people

Geeks2Rent offer a range of services supporting non-technical people with technical projects. Whatever you need - a website, a regular back-up of important files, a home or office network, or someone to fix a grumpy laptop - we can help. We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic IT experts but, despite years in cyberspace, we've worked hard to stay fluent in Human. 


Web design

We can get affordable, great-looking functional websites up and running in a matter of days. We tailor everything according to your exact needs and will spend time finding out what you want from your site, what you need it to do and who it should speak to. We'll find a package that's right for you. 



You can't have a website without placing the files onto the internet and keeping them looking nice, and working properly. We take care of the technical bits while you relax on the beach with your mates and some cold beers.


Off site back-up services

It's not good to dwell on the negative, but we're going to ask you to think, just for a moment, what it would be like if your house burned down or your laptop was stolen. Quite apart from the obvious inconvenience and expense of replacing the house or the laptop, there are more painful losses to consider: a lifetime of files, photographs and music, work records, chat messages from the early days of your relationship. Gone. All gone. Having an off site back up means that even if the worst happens, you'll be able to get your files back.



We specialise in making things work and can help you with virtually any aspect of getting things done with computers, from training, at desk support, document production, graphic design, information architecture, business systems, communications strategy, search engine optimisation. We're a nice bunch of people with heaps of enthusiasm, years of experience, wide-ranging interests, lots of happy clients and a very big contacts book.


Let's save the world together... one website at a time

We like to help people who put others before themselves. If your project is for charity or in the public interest, we may offer special rates and freebies. Talk to us about your requirements and we'll see what we can do.